Wuhan Golden Fortune Technology & Trade Co., Ltd is the major chemicals supplier in China with independent licence of import and export, specialized in swimming pool & Spa water treatment chemicals. From the just beginning of its foundation in April 2007, Golden Fortune is determined to be the most professional exporter in China and the world –famous gold supplier in water-treatment field. During the past two years, Golden Fortune has created somewhat of a miracle in the central area of China, having successfully exported chemicals to 35 countries and regions all over the world without any prior experience or old customer in hand. The Company’s success is partly due to its personalized approach to customer relations. Each customer, regardless of nationality or colour is treated equally with utmost respect. 100% of the customers who visited Wuhan city have placed one or more orders to Golden Fortune after they returned home.

Wuhan Golden Fortune Technology & Trade Co., Ltd’s main products are Disinfectant, such as Calcium Hypochlorite,Trichloroisocyanuric Acid(TCCA),Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(SDIC),Bromine.Water Balance,such as pH Increaser,pH Reducer,Alkalinity Increaser,Hardness Increaser,Chlorine Stabilizer.Flocculent,such as Aluminum Sulphate, Polyaluminium Chloride.Algaecide,such as Copper Sulphate,Benzalkonium Chloride.The company’s registered trade brand is GOLDEN-CHLOR,till now,we have already exported GOLDEN-CHLOR to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.

So far, products have been sold to India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, SaudiArabia, UAE, Iraq, Madagascar, Togo, Senegal, Cote Divore, Nigeria, Malta, Australia, Canada, USA, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia etc. 

Today, Golden Fortune has become one of the Chinese gold chemicals suppliers. We hope to make friends and business with 225 countries on the earth in the near future, to make more people understood China, and to create a harmonious and peaceful world we live.



From the beginning of its foundation, Golden Fortune Group is determined to be a World-renowned Chinese chemicals supplier especially in water-treatment field. Thanks to all sectors of the community’s support and great efforts of all staff, our products have been distributed to nearly 40 countries in America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe.

During the past years, Golden Fortune Group has won stable loyal customers and high reputation in the world market adhering to the principles of consistent-honesty performance, top-quality products and quick-response service. To meet the needs and satisfaction of our partners is our untiring pursuit.

We are looking forward to joining hands with more friends home and abroad for a glorious future and a golden fortune!



Culture system

Standard and sharing are our key culture.

Opening up and innovation are our spirit.

Communication and collaboration are our foundation.

Respect and value are our culture environment.